ARVN Flak Vest
ARVN rucksack
ARVN water canteen
Brass Friendship montagnard bracelet (letter)
Brass Friendship montagnard bracelet I
Brass Friendship montagnard bracelet II
Brass Friendship montagnard bracelet III
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Ho Chi Minh sandals size 7 8 9 10
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LaRue Tiger Beer Bottle
Miscellaneous items
New Vietnamese army pith helmet
Northern Vietnamese Army high dome helmet original
Northern Vietnamese Original Pith Helmet
NVA belt
NVA combat boots size 7 8 9 10
NVA officer belt
NVA Uniform - tailored to your size
NVA Vietcong belt
NVA Vietcong camouflaged helmet
NVA Vietcong lighter
NVA Vietcong mug
NVA/Vietcong military original pith helmet
Pouches, rigs and rucksacks
Quilted cold weather vest
Standard Equipment
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US Army
US Army Bien Hoa Airbase $5 token
US Army Boonie hat
US Army Can opener
US Army Canteen
US Army Cleaning compound bottle
US Army Demolition charge computing tape
US Army Flashlight 991/MX
US Army Flashlight 993/MX
US Army Fork
US Army Gas Mask
US Army goggle
US Army green penlight
US Army Insecticide can
US Army Jeep antenna
US Army Knife
US Army Lubricating oil bottle
US Army M1 Helmet headband
US Army M56 belt
US Army Machete sheath
US Army Mattress
US Army Mess kit
US Army Metal Combat Medic Badge Insignia
US Army Nylon Belt
US Army permissible flashlight
US Army Razor
US Army Rifle bore cleaner bottle
US Army Spoon
US Army Tan Son Nhut Airbase $1 token
US Army Tan Son Nhut Airbase 50c token
US Army telephone case
US Army Weapons oil bottle
US Army Wrist compass
US M-16 20 rounds magazine pouch
US SDU-5/E Army Marker
Vietcong NVA bracelet
Vietcong 4 pockets bag
Vietcong disk
Vietcong flag
Vietcong hat
Vietcong Machete III
Vietcong machete IV
Vietcong machete V
Vietcong machete VI
Vietcong North Vietnamese Chicom Pouch
Vietcong NVA 10 pockets ammo bandolier
Vietcong NVA 2 pocket grenade pouch
Vietcong NVA AK-47 5 pockets Bandolier
Vietcong NVA AK-47 ammunition chest bandolier
Vietcong NVA cap
Vietcong NVA Chicom 10 pockets ammo bandolier
Vietcong NVA Chicom 5 pockets Bandolier
Vietcong NVA Chicom flask small bottle
Vietcong NVA chicom gas mask
Vietcong NVA Chicom rice bowl
Vietcong NVA Chicom round small bottle
Vietcong NVA Chicom rucksack
Vietcong NVA Chicom water canteen
Vietcong NVA clip pouch
Vietcong NVA comb
Vietcong NVA combat knife IV
Vietcong NVA combat knife V
Vietcong NVA combat whistle
Vietcong NVA guerilla scarf
Vietcong NVA knife
Vietcong NVA Medic bag I
Vietcong NVA plastic canteen
Vietcong NVA Plastic chicom pouch
Vietcong NVA razor
Vietcong NVA sniper scope
Vietcong NVA spoon and chopticks
Vietcong Rice tube
Vietcong/Northern Vietnamese
Vietnam War Era Original Vietnam Visor Hat
Vietnam War Metal Badge US Army COMBAT INFANTRYMAN
Vietnam War US Army Metal Combat Medic Badge Insignia (Paint)
Vietnam war Vietcong NVA complete uniform - tailored to your size
Vietnamese conical hat Non la